Lads Without Labels

We all have men we care about 💙 This week, Lads Without Labels talk mental health and what drives them.

If you’re keen to sign up in ’22, check out the link in comments.

How would you describe your club to newbies?

We’re the only registered charity on campus with a sole focus on men’s mental health.


What do you offer students?

We host events that impact our student community by removing the stigma around men’s mental health through meaningful connection right here on campus. We offer a social environment to feel comfortable in yourself and meet new people in University.



Best club memory?

Completing 72 consecutive hours of UC Students running around campus for MOvember. And Camping on C-Block Lawn.


What events do you run?

Wild fundraisers and awareness events for men’s mental health here on campus, and beyond.


Does Lads sound like a bit of you? Signing up is easy-as, and you can do it onlineYou can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re keen to see what else the club scene has to offer, check out UCSA’s Club Database – there are around 160 to choose from.



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