If you're caught without, ask for a tampon or pad!

If you experience menstruation/periods, you will have probably had a time (or two, or three) when you needed a tampon or pad, but you couldn't find one in your bag.

Well, the UCSA is here to help with the Menstruation Emergency service.

All you have to do is visit UCSA reception (level two, Haere-roa) and say you'd like some tampons/pads. If you prefer, you can say “I have a M.E.” instead. One of our respectful and discreet staff will sort you out. It’s that easy.

We have both regular and super varieties available. Every pack contains two products, and the tampon pack includes a panty liner as well.

Menstruation Emergency - New

Prefer menstrual cups?

Together with the UCSA, Uni Pharmacy brings you My Cup Menstrual Cups.

MyCupTM menstrual cups are made in NZ, designed for all flows, and are vegan. They are made from Medical Grade Silicone, are animal cruelty free, and help contribute to environmental and social responsibilities.

Free Kiko CupTM menstrual cups are available to approved UC students only. Call into the Uni Pharmacy to find out more.