UCDSA on disability, representation and awareness

One of UC’s most recent editions is filling a gap on campus: at long last, UC has a student-led club for people with disabilities and their allies!

This week, UC Disabled Students’ Association (UCDSA) tell us a little about themselves.


Image: Photo taken at Clubs Day of two members at their stall.

How would you describe your club to newbies?

We are an association made by disabled students for disabled students as well as allies and anyone who wants to learn more about disability.

What do you offer students?

Our aim is to provide advocacy to disabled students, promote awareness around disablement, and create a social space.

What’s your best club memory?

Finally starting an association for disabled students after all these years.

What events do you run?

We do Movie and Games Night as well as raising the concerns of disability welfare with UC.

Does UCDSA sound like a bit of you? Signing up is easy-as, and you can do it onlineYou can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re keen to see what else the club scene has to offer, check out UCSA’s Club Database – there are around 160 to choose from.

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