Student Exec


Student Exec


Pierce Crowley



Asher Herrmann



Sophie Svenson

Finance & Engagement Officer


Cleo Vernon

Postgraduate Rep


Mastine Dube

International Rep


Sophie Katavich

Equity & Wellbeing Rep


Felix Mendonca

Engineering Rep


Ashley Gutteridge

Science Rep


Xavier Moir

Law Rep


Bryant McIntyre

Education Rep


Isaac Munro

Commerce Rep


Kartikey Kumar

Arts Rep

About the Exec


The Executive (13 students) make up the governing body of the UCSA. They're the equivalent of a Board of Directors. The Exec's core jobs are to monitor performance, to give direction and to ensure there's accountability for management.

Exec Committee/governance meetings take place every fortnight during term-time. They're chaired by the UCSA President.


To make sure students are heard, the Exec sit on a range of college and UC committee bodies. For example, the UCSA Engineering Rep sits in on Engineering College meetings.

All major college matters then go to the Academic Board. The Academic Board then reports to the University Council (UC's governing body), which the President is a member of.

Special projects

Members of the Exec have their own projects that they're passionate about. We have a small fund available to help them with an idea or a project on campus that'll benefit students. The Exec member is given resources and support from UCSA staff to implement it.

Executive meetings

According to our constitution, any student can attend an exec meeting, and these are usually held on the first, third and fifth week of term time from 5pm-7pm.

Send us an email before coming along - we'll need to confirm the meeting time and venue.




Role descriptions

The President’s role is a full-time position. Vice-President and Finance are part-time (approx. 20 hours), and other Exec positions are part-time (approx. 10 hours during the academic year).

UCSA Elections

Each year, UC students get a chance to vote for who sits on UCSA's governing body.*

The election campaigns are a pretty big deal, with candidates promoting their policies and advertising online and around campus (anyone who's been through the campaign cycle will remember the sea of signage).

Everyone's encouraged to get out and vote - you get your say on student life, and democracy wins!


*The President also sits on University Council – the governing body of UC.