What to do if you get COVID-19 during exams

COVID-19 and exam season: it’s quite the combo. 🙃😫 Here’s UC’s advice if you’re caught out by ‘rona.

Our Advocacy and Welfare Team are also here to help with Special Consideration applications if you need them. 💜


Got COVID-19 during exam time?

If your exam is available online and you feel well enough, you should attempt it.

If the exam is not available online, speak to your lecturer or course coordinator. 

If you don’t feel well enough to complete the exam, you can apply for a Special Consideration.

You can also apply for special consideration if your performance has been impaired by COVID-19.

Register on Assura as soon as you can and one of the UC COVID Welfare Team will call you to discuss options. You Assura registration will also be your evidence for special consideration, so it’s important!


Don’t have COVID, but experiencing flu-like symptoms?

It is a good idea to stay at home if you’re feeling unwell.

You may be eligible for special consideration if your illness has impacted your ability to complete your exam.



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