COVID-19: UC Will Adjust Marking and Will Scale Grades

Read UC’s update here.

An update from the UCSA’s Executive:

We wanted to let you know that we’ve been in constructive talks with the University around what we know is a prevalent issue for you all – that two Universities have now put in place grade increases to recognise students can’t perform at their best currently. We’ve worked with UC’s Academic heads on how we make sure UC continues to recognise the COVID-19 impacts on students.  Their feedback has been:

  • UC recognises all students’ learning is impacted by COVID-19 in some way.
  • UC will adjust marking and will scale grades where necessary. UC has already adapted the marking of assessments so far in Semester 1 and will review results, based on data and continue to scale final grades further at the end of semester where COVID-19 impacts remain evident. This ensures students are not disadvantaged by the current situation. Policy exists that holds the University to account for this.
  • Scaling of grades will only be applied where it advantages students and is NOT limited to a 5% increase.
  • Special Considerations Criteria has been streamlined to allow for students who have been further significantly affected by the COVID-19 circumstance which requires no supporting paperwork.
  • The integrity of a UC degree is paramount. An arbitrary 5% increase potentially puts at risk the integrity of a UC degree  any accrediting bodies such as the New Zealand Council of Legal Education or Engineering New Zealand.

This approach responds to the fact that all student/cohorts have been affected by the COVID-19 circumstances but further recognises some may have been even more disproportionately affected than 5%. Furthermore, we understand this to be in line with more rigorous academic practice which in turn, upholds the value of a UC degree both in the academic field and in Industry.

Our engagement with the University is ongoing and thank you to those who continue to engage with us! We’ll keep you updated!

Your UCSA Exec

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